Foodie Spotlight: Sorted Community!


There are so many awesome recipes coming through on the app (did you know that you can also join in here?).

We wanted to spotlight a few of the recipes that we’re loving at the moment so that you can go give these guys a follow, or bookmark the ones that you like! 

Everyone should make a Tart Tatin at least once! It’s simple but a real French classic… And who better to learn from than the baking mad Eric Lanlard! Check out his profile for more tasty sweet treats! 


Anna has already got a bunch of great recipes on the app as well as LOTS of beautiful photos! There a mix of sweet and savoury stuff, as well as plenty of foodie inspiration from the pics. Love it! 


Go to Issy for sweet treats! The Semla sounds amazing, but you’ve got to check out the Cashew & Cardamom Milk Toffee recipe too. That’s definitely on my to-do list! 


It’s summer and we’re all looking for the next refreshing drink to blitz up! tess’ smoothie looks great and is full of healthy ingredients. It’s on the front page of the app right now and people are loving it! Add Tess to your following feed for more! 


Last but not least, who doesn’t love a good sausage roll?? This one is another of those recipes that is really easy to make at home, but people often don’t think about doing it! I love the addition of chilli and a little soy sauce to give them a kick! 

Those are our favourites… what are the best recipes that you’ve seen recently? 


Tips for Your First Time: Cooking for a crowd


Food is better with friends. We’re always saying it, and it’s definitely true! Having said that, it can be pretty daunting cooking for a crowd for the first time but there are plenty of things that you can do to make it a little bit easier! 

Be realistic
Not just about how much you can get done, but also what you can get done with your equipment and space! There’s nothing wrong with keeping it simple, or asking for a bit of help! If you’re writing out a schedule, plan all of your time, then add at least an hour :) 

Make room
Talking of space… You’ll probably need to make a bit of room in the fridge, and on the worktops, and in the sink. Clear out everything you don’t need and start with a fresh, clean space and keep it that way. You don’t want to be working yourself into a corner and having to clean your way out halfway through cooking! 

Slow cook
This really has to be the number 1 tip… Slow cooked food tastes amazing and there is nothing to do when your guests are there. There’s really no reason not to slow cook for a crowd!

Cook dishes that hold
Seriously, you don’t want to have to put everything together at the last minute! If you’re cooking a plated dish (don’t) for 10+ on your own, you want the food to be able to sit for at least 5-10 minutes and stay good.

No last minute prep
Just gonna say this again… don’t cook everything at the last minute!! Look for anything that can be cooked, cooled and then reheated. This is really good for roasts or big breakfasts: You can par-cook most of the veg (or even something like poached eggs), then just finish them before serving. 

Salads are an easy way to add a bit of freshness and variety, particularly if you’re doing a slow cook. They’ll need a little love at the last minute, but that’s OK, because you’ve got nothing else to do… right? 

Why plate?
Don’t bother! Stick everything in the middle of the table and either serve there, or let people help themselves. The dishes that we’re cooking are perfect for family style service :) 


There is no reason to be stressing out over desserts! Choose something that can be made way in advance and chilled in the fridge. Tarts or mousses are perfect. 

Never run out
The one thing I believe is that people should never be worried about taking too much or asking for seconds! Always make a little too much! The food that we’re cooking here will easily chill or freeze and keep for leftovers the next day, so play it safe and be generous ;) 

So what should you be cooking? 

- If you’re doing starters, then keep it cold, or simple. A really tasty soup is way better than a fancy dish that takes ages to plate up. If you do want to do individual dishes then pate is the perfect thing!

- Spaghetti bolognese or chilli are sure winners. They’re simple, easy and will hold for ages. All you need to do it cook the pasta or rice before serving (or you could even cook that early and re-heat). Then there’s the real slow cooks like a stew or even pulled pork. They’re still ridiculously easy and even less hassle, plus they’re really cheap! 

- If you’re getting a bit more confident then there are plenty of more impressive dishes that are perfect for crowd cooking. Paella and risotto are some of my favourites. They’ll need a bit more work at the end, and won’t hold quite as well, but if you can time it well they’re both still great dinner party dishes.

And finally, a chocolate tart is great for a crowd. It’s chilled, and you can easily tell whether or not it’s set, which means no unexpected disasters! 

There you go! Just remember these when your cooking for a crowd and you’ll never have to worry. As you get more confident, a lot of these rules can be bent or broken, especially if you’ve got an extra pair of hands around.

Got any other tips? Add them to the Disqus comments below, or if you’ve got a good recipe for a crowd then post it on the app! 



5 of the Most Ridiculous National Food Days

Every day is a day for food but sometimes things are taken a little too far! Anyone can create a national day, and people LOVE food. There’s a national food day for almost every day of the year in the US.

This goes way further than Pancake Day or Asparagus Month… For example, this is what the week looks like right now: 


July 21 National Junk Food Day

That’s today! We’re pretty sure what this means is cooking your own healthier versions of fast food at home… Right? Well we’ve got the perfect recipe for you… French Style Burger! Or any of our burger recipes :P 

July 22 National Penuche Fudge Day / Maple Syrup Day

Two days in one! We may not have covered Penuche Fudge, but this isn’t a bad alternative :) If you’re not up for that, try our Sticky Maple Duck. It’s a winner! 


July 23 National Vanilla Ice Cream Day / Hot Dog Day

Surely each of these deserve a day to themselves! There’s just too many… We MUST save days for Ice Cream and Hot Dogs :P Time to start a petition… Or we could just give in and cook both. Yeah let’s do that.

July 24 National Tequila Day / National Drive-Thru Day

Is tequila a food day? For us… YES! Gotta take you back to this beauty of a recipe. Tequila marinated steak fajitas; If you haven’t tried them yet then please do it now ;) 

July 25 National Hot Fudge Sundae Day

Seriously… Why haven’t we done this? 

July 26 National Coffee Milkshake Day

…OR this?! 

July 27 National Scotch Day / Creme Brulee Day

Once again, two things that deserve days of their own! We really need to refocus on the important things in life, like Whisky Ice Cream and Passionfruit Creme Brûlée.

So many days, so little time to celebrate them! 

Then there’s the 5 most ridiculous days that we could find…

1. National Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

2. National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day

3. Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

4. National Brandied Fruit Day

5. National Cook For Your Pets Day

Whaaaaaaaat? Anyone going to be celebrating these? Let us know down below! :)



Sorted boys in 

This was the first of our ‘3 things to make with…’ series! What would you guys have done with chicken? 


Tasty Morsels from other Blogs

(via Simply Recipes)

We’re taking salads this week, and the whole internet is all over them right now. You don’t want to be using the oven or standing over a stove top, so grab one of our favourites from around the web and jump into the kitchen! 

Cucumber Mint Quinoa Salad | Simply Recipes
As we often say, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best. We haven’t cooked a lot with quinoa, but if you’ve never tried it then you should! This one is a great place to start… Easy, quick and fresh :) 

Green Rice Salad with Nectarines and Corn | Not Without Salt
We love fruit in salads. This one looks seriously tasty, with green herby rice, sweet nectarines, hot Jalapeños and creamy feta cheese. Yum! 

Chickpea, Lemon and Mint Salad | David Lebovitz
Another simple one, with great ingredients and a fresh dressing. Seriously, you can’t beat chickpeas with a really good quality olive oil! 

Greek Salad | A Couple Cooks
We talked about this being a classic on Monday, and it’s still going strong. It’s all about using the best ingredients in a combination that just works.

(via Adventures in Cooking)

Roasted Beet Salad with Pea Chèvre | Adventures in Cooking
And finally… If you do happen to fancy turning the oven on, this salad looks worth the effort! Looks beautiful and tasty. 

What have you been eating this week? 


Foodie Spotlight: Veggie Desserts

You know we love finding foodies through social media, and you know we love blogs that are a little bit different! Veggie Desserts is both of those! We’ve been drooling over kate’s Instagram images for long enough now and it’s about time we featured her on the blog! 

So what makes this blog different to others? It’s all sweet treats, but Kate LOVES putting veggies into desserts. She’s not claiming that they’re super healthy, but just that little bit better for you… plus you’ll never have to chuck away another vegetable!

One of the recipes that really caught our eye (we featured this on our Facebook wall) is the Nettle and Lemon Cake with Lemon Icing and Blackberries. We’ve heard of nettle soup, but never nettle cake. The colour you get is so good and it looks fresh instead of heavy.

You eat with your eyes before anything else, and the colour really is something that draws you to the cake recipes on Veggie Desserts. Both the Spinach and Coconut Yoghurt Cake and even the Apple Pie with Kale and Lemon Pastry are a bright vibrant green after baking. 

It’s not just bakes on the blog either. Kate even manages to get cauliflower into churros, the Carrot Jam looks seriously good, and check out the Avocado and Pistachio ‘Ice Cream’ recipe… If it tastes as good as it looks then I’m impressed! Really want to try this one, so look out for my version on the app ;) 

If you’re interested in baking, or just want to sneak some greens into your sweet treats, then go take a look at Kate’s blog. You’re gonna love it! 

Our favourite recipe: Really intrigued by Pumpkin and Spice Dark Chocolate Bark.
Top reason to follow Kate: Desserts with a difference!
Other stuff to check out: Where we first came across the blog - Instagram!


Food Inspiration… Where do you get yours?

I was asked a few years back whether I was worried about running out of recipes. Part of me was concerned… to constantly come up with new and interesting ideas around food could become tricky. Until the following was pointed out to me:-

There are only 7 notes in the musical scale… A to G. And yet new music is constantly being written and shared on a global scale… spanning just about every genre with all sorts of instruments and styles.
When it comes to food you don’t have 7 initial notes/ingredients… but dozens, hundreds or even thousands! So we’ll never run out of new ideas!

I’ve written well over 1000 recipes for Sorted now (if you combine our videos with videos we’ve done on other channels plus all of our cookbooks!) These were designed and developed with the help of Gaby, James and hundreds of you, but we’re no where near done!

I get my inspiration from a number of places…

1) Cookbooks, magazines and newspapers
New and old. Cookbooks is one of the only non-fiction genres of book to still sell well, in a world where traditional publishing is slowly dying. They make brilliant gifts and every page has something you can take from it… whether it’s a recipe idea, flavour combo, tip or trick in the method, presentation idea or even just a little part that sparks another associated thought. Food magazines, daily papers and recipe leaflets are all around us, all the time! A book I was flicking through only this week was sent to us by Anne… brilliant book, awesome photography and now she’s on the app too!


2) Restaurant menus
When you aren’t cooking yourself you are often even more susceptible to new ideas. How often have you read through a menu in a restaurant and struggled to decide what to chose because you want it all? Jot down ideas, order something different every time and broaden your horizons when it comes to what you might cook at home next time instead of eating out.
3) Online
Recipe websites, food blogs, Pintrest boards, instagram hashtags (#eyecandysorted) and apps. All at our fingertips providing a wealth of inspiration in any spare moment of the day. Perhaps a train journey, or waiting in a queue at the bank or dual screening on the sofa with something on the TV.  
4) From you lot
Last month we got 14k comments on YouTube alone. So many of these were food focussed and answers to some of the questions we’d asked you guys in the video. We all learn from these comments and so often I get lost in the vortex of YouTube comments… one that catches my eye… something I’ve not heard of before… a few google searches later and I forgot where I started. Although it doesn’t matter, I’m enjoying the new info I’m absorbing!  
Then of course you’ve got the hundreds of recipes you are uploading via our app… some are brilliantly simple, whilst others are beautifully complex.
5) Other very random places
Often the last place you’d think of… I came up with an awesome smoothie the other day based on a flavour combination I saw in a bottle of shampoo whilst in the toiletry isle in the supermarket. It was delicious!
What’s the strangest place you’ve found inspiration?

Let’s Get Summer Salads Sorted

Summer is in full swing (kind of)… and we’re pretty sure the the UK is pretty cool compared to a lot of countries right now. You really don’t wanna be cooking in sweltering heat, so salads are the perfect go to option!

We’ve been noticing a lot of salads popping up on SORTEDfood from you guys, and we’ve made LOADS in our own videos so we reckon we might be able to create the ultimate list of salads to get you sorted this summer! 

1. Greek
It’s a classic, and it’s probably one of the best out there for the summer time! It’s also one of the simplest. We’ve put our twist on this one by adding perfect lamb and butter beans but if you fancy making the classic, this one looks pretty delicious! 


2. Caesar
EVERYONE knows the caesar salad. Invented in the USA, it’s now on almost every restaurant menu out there! Supposedly it was invented on the 4th of July in a very depleted kitchen… It’s amazing how many things start out that way! It’s so good that we’ve done two versions - one deconstructed, and one ultimate version… Which do you fancy? 

3. Nicoise
When it comes to food, the French know what they’re doing. There area a few ways to cook the tuna for a nicoise, but we prefer to sear a tuna steak and keep it nice and rare. How about you? 


6. Waldorf
Here’s another American creation that has hit the big time. This one was created in the Waldorf Hotel, NYC. Walnuts, celery and apples are such a great combination, all brought together by a creamy sauce. There are plenty of variations of this one too, including grapes, chicken or in our version… prawns! 

7. Panzanella
Over to Italy for this one, and it’s another classic. Panzanella uses stale bread to soak up all the juices from fresh tomatoes, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Soggy, stale bread may not sound too appetising, but you really have to try this one to understand. Give it a go! 

8. Tabbouleh
The whole world enjoys salads, but they’re all so different from one place to the next. This one is from the middle east and is made with bulgar wheat and then is packed full of loads of herbs. We serve ours with Harissa Prawns, but you could use any meat you fancy! 


9. Noodle salad
One of the best things about salads is that they’re often so quick and easy to make. Noodles barely need any cooking, and it’s really all about the fiery dressing in a Vietnamese Noodle Salad. This made it into Ben’s Made Personal series, and it was awesome! 

10. Fruit salad
And finally… Salads aren’t just savoury (although you can use fruit in savoury salads!). Finish off the meal with a light and refreshing fruit salad. They can have a bit of a bad rep for being old-fashioned or boring, but you can’t say that about our Tropical Fruit Salad right? 


Special mention: Potato salad
Potato salad is awesome… But is it $45000+ awesome? Zack Danger Brown’s kickstarter page has gone crazy, and what started out as a campaign to raise $10 to make a potato salad has been taken and turned into something completely different by the powers of the internet. We love you internet! 

What’s your favourite salad, and are there any that we’ve missed? If you’re on the iPhone app we would love to see loads of salad recipes going up there to help get everyone Sorted! :) 


Ginger Crush Cocktail, VidCon Vlog & APP LAUNCH!!

This was Vidcon, and it was awesome! Might have a little bit of footage coming up for you soon too ;) 


How To Develop And Write A Recipe


The iPhone app is out there and people are loving it! The website close to being released to everyone too, meaning anyone will be able to share their recipes with the world. The recipes being uploaded so far are great… I reckon that this could be the best community of foodies out there and THE place to go for any recipe! 

It’s awesome to have foolproof recipes to follow the first time you cook something. Recipes help you learn the best methods for different foods, how long before an ingredient is undercooked, perfectly cooked or over cooked and gives you an idea of what ingredients go with others.


Then there comes to point where you become experienced (and confident) enough to use recipes as a guide or a source of inspiration. You can begin by using elements from different dishes together, or maybe switching up little ingredients. Using rocket (arugula) instead of basil in pesto is amazing, and with a little experience you can imagine the spicy, peppery taste before you’ve even made it.

The truth is… Anyone can create a recipe of their own and we would love as many people uploading amazing recipes as possible, so what better time than now to write about my recipe development process?! I hope everyone can pick up a couple of tips and tricks from this blog! 



(Eat everything! Different styles, cultures and cuisines are all great influences) 

Get inspired
Eat at loads of different places and buy new ingredients every week! You don’t have to go for expensive meals, I try to go to food festivals just to take a look at the food and flavours that people are using, as well as checking out new restaurants and street food. New ingredients force you to think outside of your comfort zone, or even adapt unfamiliar stuff into the cuisine that you are comfortable with.


(You don’t have to have a huge collection of cookbooks… The internet is perfect for research)

Check out other recipes
Once you’ve got a recipe or flavour combination in mind then the best place to start is looking at stuff that people have already done. I usually grab 10-20 different recipes that look good at first glance, whether it’s a great looking photo, interesting ingredients or an unusual method. I’ll take the elements of each recipe that I really like, then think of how I can change them up or present the same flavours in different ways.


(VERY rough sketches can help too! :D )

Write your recipes
There are some really good rules to follow to get a really clear recipe. You want to make it as easy to follow as possible! First up, try to use shorter sentences rather than paragraphs. You don’t want to be reading wordy paragraphs when your hands are covered in flour and you just want to know what to do next :D 

It’s also a great idea to list ingredients in the order that they’re used so that it’s easy to see where you are. If there are two different amounts of the same ingredient, make it clear how much you’re using in the recipe steps.

Now might be a good time to start thinking about plates and presentation. Have at least a rough idea of what you’d like it to look like… Even if the final dish is completely different, always be aiming for something!


(We get through a lot of recipe testing in the studio!)

Test test test! 
Write your recipes down before you cook anything! If you start throwing stuff into a pan before you’ve got a plan, then you’ll end up guessing at what you did after you’ve eaten it all! :) When you’re testing recipes it’s a lot easier to make notes on a pre-written recipe.


(Love this book by Sat Bains… he talks all about his creative process)

Amend your recipes to your taste
Once you’ve tested and eaten your food, it’s time to tweak and perfect your recipes! Most of this should be done during cooking, but taste is always the final decider! If the recipe didn’t work out at all, you might want to take more time to get it right… If it’s just a few small adjustments then you might be able to adjust the 


(Even if you’re not much of a photographer… Give it a go!) 

Take photos
Try a few different versions of plating to get it right. That way, when you make the dish for your mates, you don’t even have to think about it when you’re ready to get it on the plate and serve up! 

… And repeat!
There are a lot of recipes out there… But there are so many more to be made! You can use these tips as a base, but it’s great fun to create your own process for developing and testing recipes to make them the best out there.

So now all there is to do is get into the kitchen and start cooking! Grab a profile on SortedFood, and upload your first recipe! If you’re already sharing recipes with the Sorted community then hopefully this helps you out with the next one! ;)