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Tough love from Jamie!

One of the best things about doing what we do at Sorted is getting to meet people who watch the videos, send us tweets and Facebook messages and generally chat to us online about the one thing EVERYONE IN THE WORLD has in common… food!
A couple of weekends ago at Summer in the City we met a tonne of people who enjoy the little corner of the internet occupied by  SORTEDfood, which was incredible! But there was a running theme… “I watch all the videos but I hardly ever cook any of the recipes because…”
Now the last part of that sentence was made up from a few options, including:
1) I don’t have any time - do you know how incredibly busy I am?!
2) I can’t cook - honestly, I’d burn a salad 
3) I don’t have any money - I spent it all on takeaways :-S
4) All the recipes are for 4 people and I’m cooking for one! :’(
5) Pfft, that’s what my mum/dad/aunt/grandparents/dog/imaginary friend are for.
If I’m being completely honest, these excuses are limper than a wet piece of lettuce (or Mike’s handshake).
So, being my ever helpful self, I’ve come up with a few comebacks…
1) No time - Screw that… A stir fry takes 5 minutes, just buy a pack of fresh veg, shove it in a wok and stir it on a high heat for 5 minutes… Seriously, it’s that quick!!
2) Can’t cook - Absolute testicles… That is purely a mindset thing, anyone can cook… See above example… OR boil some pasta for 10 minutes and then stir in an egg, some chopped garlic and some ham - BOOM, you cooked a carbonara!
3) No money - Male cow excrement… Actual ingredients cost very little and can be used more than once, rather than a £2.50 microwave meal that you use once spend that money on some potatoes/pasta/rice and just buy some protein (meat/fish etc) when you need it!
4) Portions - For the love of… Why not cook up a large amount and then refrigerate or freeze whatever you don’t eat and then you have another meal waiting for you in days/weeks to come!
5) Other people to cook for me - What happens when they leave? What if they’re not there? Part of being an actual human is the ability to be independent and look after yourself… Or, just return the favour once in a while!
Ok, ok, so that might be slightly tough love… But here’s some actual tips for how to change your mindset when it comes to food:
1) Instead of treating yourself to a takeaway/fast food meal etc, try treating yourself to a proper home cooked meal - I guarantee you’ll feel fuller for longer, be more satisfied and get this lovely little warm fuzzy feeling of pride deep inside your private parts.
2) When you get home after a long day of working/schooling/procrastinating decide to do something productive with your time. Cook for yourself, your flatmate, your family, your partner, your neighbour… What else would you be doing with that time? Watching tv? Surfing the internet? Some of the best dishes I know (e.g. a chilli/curry etc) need 5-10 minutes of actual work before leaving them to cook… Then go back to doing nothing and get yourself ready to eat something delicious that YOU actually made.
3) What could you value higher in life than your health, wellbeing and happiness? Life is about priorities and surely those things come pretty high up that list? Don’t choose a ‘healthy ready meal’, that’s counter productive - just cook something from scratch and see how cheap it works out in the long run!
4) Challenge yourself to try something new each day/week/month, whatever you think is achievable. That could be a new type of food, a new ingredient, or a brand new way of cooking you’ve never tried before… Self improvement is one of the most attractive qualities in a person, so give it a go!
Now the chances are, this blog might not apply to you, so if it doesn’t please share it and pass it on to someone you think needs to read it!
Ok, so SORTEDfood might not change the world, but together we can help to make it a little bit better… It’ll certainly taste better once we’re finished with it!!
Jamie xxx

Brownies at Brunch… Really?! OK then!


Apparently it’s national ‘brownies at brunch’ month. Seriously… I have no idea what this even means or why it’s a thing, aside from the fact that brownies are good ALL THE TIME.

Did you know that the world’s largest brownie was 11feet long and served 1200 people! Before that one, the largest weighed in at 3,000 lbs. and was made with 750 lbs. of chocolate chips, 500 lbs. of butter, 850 lbs of sugar, 500 lbs. of flour and 3,500 eggs! Just gonna put it out there… If each of those 1200 people loved brownies as much as we do, then it probably wouldn’t have served them all :D 

Brownies were developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century and popularized in both the U.S. and Canada during the first half of the 20th century. These ones didn’t even have all that much chocolate in them, with most of the flavour coming from cocoa powder. This was waaaay before the debate over cakey and crumbly vs dense and fudgy… Talking of which, what’s your favourite? (There is a right answer to that).

In the world of sweet treat brownies are a staple now, but they’re going way beyond the original recipe! We’ve cooked quite a few brownie recipes, but not many are traditional! 

There’s chocolate and beetroot brownies, which are somewhere between fudgy and spongy, with a brilliant earthy flavour coming from the beetroot. We’ve also tried adding cheesecake mix into brownies. You should too. Like… right now. That’s all there is to say on that topic. 

Then there’s my personal favourite, the Townie. A cross between a tart and a brownie, this one is definitely not for the feint hearted, and I reckon it needs the freshness of the orange that we added.

Finally, we know that everybody loves mug cooking. This might just be the ultimate in mug cooking… Chocolate and Pecan Brownie in a mug. Well done Ben. Well Done.

Whether it’s brunch or not. You should DEFINITELY be celebrating the brownie in some shape or form this month. It’s the perfect excuse to ‘test’ a few recipes! :) 


Mike laughing requested by sortedgotmesorted

We love comment of the week :) Oh and look, a James! 


Foodie Spotlight: Laura’s Mess

I think I found Laura’s Mess when just browsing through food blogs for inspiration. It caught my eye because the posts aren’t all about the recipe. Although the food is central, there’s always a story around the post. A reason behind the recipe that brings you back to read more, and inspires you to get out and have your own food adventure… However small it may be! 

One great example of a non-recipe based post is the ‘Writing Process Blog Tour’. I bet this will interest a lot of people because it’s awesome to get an insight into how a blogger goes through a creative process (I wrote something similar about recipe development a while back too). Seeing how recipes come about can be even more inspirational than the recipes themselves! 

Another great post is Laura’s 1 Year Blogiversary, with no recipe and just a short story about a mishap with some roast chestnuts! It’s really good to see what she learned after starting out with very little knowledge. It shows just how good it is to share your cooking experiences with like-minded foodies. It’s exactly what we’re all about!

OK, I think I’ve got across that I really like Laura’s writing style, which is present in every recipe… So how about some food? :) It’s just a good as the writing, and there’s a real mix of good looking sweet and savoury stuff! From the simplest Rosemary, Sea Salt and Macadamia Oil Crackers, to some seriously yummy Maki Sushi and a sweet, sticky Coconut, Banana and Lime Cake with Lime Syrup and Candied Carambola.

In fact Laura’s Mess is another of those blogs where I’m struggling to narrow down the recipes. Slow-Cooked Lamb Ragu with Pappradelle and Gramolata? Sounds divine! Saffron Pear and Dark Chocolate Tart? Yes please. All washed down with a Pomegranate and Star Anise Soda? Sure! 

You’ll need to head over to the blog to check out more of both the recipes and the writing. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to love it! Let us know when you cook one of these awesome recipes! 

Our favourite recipe: Pavlovas taste great. Fact. But they’ve got to look good too, and this one is stunning! 
Top reason to follow Laura: It’s not all about the recipes. Great stories and writing too! 
Other stuff to check out: More great photos on Flickr and Instagram


Fertile, Italian, Mafia, Food.


A few weeks ago I jumped on a plane and flew to Sicily for the week. 

For those of you who don’t know where this is…  you may know it as the football shaped island next to the italian boot, as the home of the infamous sicilian mafia or maybe its giant erupting volcano!!


These three of things have a major influence on one thing… The food!!

Football = Passion

The world recognises the Italians as the most passionate foodies in the world! Every meal we had was served with a sense of achievement at each restaurant, from the kitchen to the front of house everybody was proud of their creation and wanted to celebrate it with us. We were, however, there during the World cup, so sometimes that passion would turn into aggression and I’d end up with a Cannelloni in my face as I celebrated Italy being knocked out of the competition.

Mafia = Family

Sicily is the original home of the God Father and we all know how much food played a role in the lives of the Corleone’s, as “Revenge is a dish that tastes best when served cold”. Food is used throughout Sicily as a way to maintain family tradition with recipes being passed down through generations over hundreds of years and they still taste absolutely incredible! My favourite sicilian dish was the trusty Arancini balls, I think I had at least two a day!! I also had a vibrant green lemon studle, but to this day i don’t really know what it was… any ideas??

Volcano = Fresh

Because of Mt Etna (that was actually glowing with lava at night) everything in sicily is extra fertile… including the locals! HA! This means the food is not only fresh but it’s packed full of nutrients. I had the best olives, lemons, veg, fish, pasta, sex, wine, bread and meat I have ever had!!! Thank you Italy ;)

As holidays go, when it comes to food… Scilly is now top of the list. 

But now, I’m worried I may have peaked too early, where would you recommend I try next?!

Baz x



Afternoon Tea Par-tea anyone? (I am SO sorry!)

A traditional afternoon tea was served on the last ever Concorde flight 

Who doesn’t love an afternoon tea? I mean… It’s an extra meal! (No, it does NOT replace lunch OR dinner). It’s a separate entity that only happens once every so often, which means you appreciate it more. You savour those crustless sandwiches and the tiny cakes that you must have at least 10 of before you’re remotely full.

Talking of extra meals… Did you know that in the 1840s, people only ate two meals a day, breakfast and dinner? Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedford complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ in the afternoon. She began having a pot of tea and snack in the afternoon then introduced this habit to her friends in London and the trend quickly spread. Thank goodness for Anna! I would definitely feel the same way :D 

In 2011, the Cliveden Hotel created the world’s most expensive afternoon tea at £550 per person – containing gold leaf, truffles, caviar and the most expensive coffee in the world (£50 per cup!).

There are also a few different variants of this ‘extra’ treat! There is Royale tea, which is afternoon tea served with champagne at the start and High tea which was taken later in the day and was a more substantial savoury meal, it got it’s name because it was eaten at the dinner table, compared to afternoon tea which was taken in armchairs. I think there’s probably enough time to fit afternoon tea and high tea into a day, right? 

Then there’s cream tea, which is just scones and tea. In Devon, scones are topped with cream then jam, in Cornwall they are topped with jam then cream and arguments abound over where the cream tea was originally founded. I wonder what they’d think of our Apple and Blackberry Scones? 

The highest afternoon tea can be found in Dubai where you can have an afternoon tea on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 

There really is no excuse not to like afternoon tea. It’s popular all over the world and you can tweak it to include all of your favourites, both savoury and sweet. So here’s’ the question: What would you absolutely have to make a part of your afternoon tea?! 



sortedfood - Chocolate Caramel Cookies - Stop Motion [+]

So glad this was GIFed! Go check out the video here, and Izy at Top With Cinnamon too! 


Foodie Spotlight: Dilutedcoke / ngjiajia

We’re highlighting some great food photography today, alongside just a few recipes with the hope of more to come! 

Jiajia has quite a following on her Instagram and Tumblr accounts, Dilutedcoke, but we found her through her Sorted Food profile, ngjiajia. She has been posting foodie photos for years, and has always had a love of food, particularly baking! The one thing that she hadn’t done was to post recipes to go with her awesome photos… Until now! It’s amazing to see that the Sorted Food app can provide a platform for her to share her recipes and let other people try them out! 

It really is all about the baking here… From awesome looking breakfast waffles to this stunning cake (recipe please!!). We’ve never used adzuki beans or shiro-an in cooking… let alone cake! Would love to taste this one! Oh and another recipe request would be for the Chocolate topped black sesame baked donuts… these sound brilliant! 

Right now Jiajia is experimenting with ice cream, using #sixthdayscoops on Instagram. She’s uploaded a couple of recipes to Sorted Food as well, including Cheesecake, Butterscotch and Coffee Caramel flavours. Go check her out, and give her a follow on the Sorted Food app (username: ngjiajia)! 

Our favourite recipe: The Cheesy Baked Oatmeal sounds interesting… Anyone else tried this before? 
Top reason to follow Jiajia: She’s got so many foodie photos… can’t wait to see all the recipes!
Other stuff to check out: Instagram, full of food that Jiajia has cooked, and Tumblr for even more foodie inspiration.


Dear Mike…

Note to Self.

Dear Mike,

This morning you woke up at 6.30am to go to the gym, as usual.

At 6.31am you reset your alarm to 7.00am and went back to sleep. As usual.

You are a worthless puddle of DNA.


I also know you’re thinking… “things are busy at Sorted, there’s food everywhere and by the time I get home I’m too busy/tired to exercise.” Grow a pair. You spend about 4 hours a week watching 24. Jack Bauer isn’t too tired to save Los Angeles and Kim Bauer wouldn’t look twice at you with that gut.

It’s counterproductive for me to keep going on about what a procrastinating little tit you are so I’m going to tell how to sort your life out…

  1. Get up at 6.30am tomorrow morning and walk to the gym. Don’t go in. Turn around and come home. Do that 3 days in a row. That’s all. After that you’ll feel like it’s a waste of time just turning up and you’ll go.
  2. Stop eating f****g fried chicken. You know how to cook. Roast some chicken and vegetables. You love that and it takes 20 mins. Make a plan of the stuff you’re going to make for the week and buy it tonight.
  3. Go for a 1 mile run. Then next time make it 2 miles and so on. You know it’s an easy place to start and it won’t kill you. And you do have time, you spend Saturday watching stuff you’ve already seen. The next time you go to watch This is the End or Friends, slap yourself in the face and put your trainers on.
  4. Write back on this blog one month from today with what improvements you’ve made. If it’s not good enough you’re going to look like a right tool and you’ll deserve it. If you’ve done something worthwhile, you may inspire someone. Don’t flake out. Man up.



I actually hate you right now but I’m doing this because you’re better than this,


Your wasted potential (A.K.A Michael Huttlestone)